I worked closely with Object Connections on a wide range of materials in 2011. I joined the team for 3 months primarily to redesign their website and other designed materials to ensure a consistent visual language.

Object Connections were working hard on the latest release of their business rules software, Common Knowledge. I was brought in to design and develop a professional website for the company ahead of the software launch.

During my time there I worked on a vast array of projects. My role was primarily design-orientated, focusing on creating a consistent brand for Object Connections across all mediums; designing the website and support forum, software icons, product packaging, launch screens and other branded materials.

This project also had a significant development component in building the website, skinning the SMF forum and development of a secure member area and 30-day serial key generator. The team at Object Connections were able to help with the more technical aspects and the whole experience proved to be extremely fulfilling.

My Role included:

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Corporate Branding Material
  • Product Icon Design
  • Interior software icons
Homepage Design
Home Page Design
Products Design
Products Page Design
Partners Page Design
Partners Page Design
Designer Product Page Design
Designer Product Page Design
Forum Design
Forum Design
Business Card Design
Business Card Design
Designer Icon
Product Icon — Designer
SDK Icon
Product Icon — SDK
Viewer Icon
Product Icon — Viewer
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